29 August 2008

Ode to a friend

She's wicked.

She's my angel in blue jeans.

She sees me out of a rut.

She listens to my moans.

She hugs away my tears.

She makes me laugh

She is beautiful.

She is talented.

She's my best mate.

Today's song: Wham, 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'

27 August 2008


i shout i scream I cry, and still he watches. I shout I thump I protest. And still, he watches. I won't I can't, no No NO, i say. He. Watches.

I reach for the floor, the bottom of my will, the end of my line. Tear my hair out, scream the house alive.. spit and holler...

i pant, i moan, i lie wounded. And still. He Does Not Move.

I'm quiet. I breathe softly. I go inside. I raise my arms.

He Moves. His arm stretches out. He lifts me up.

He rescues me.

Today's favourite song: Lucinda Williams, 'Rescue'

24 August 2008

I met God at the Cowley festival

I went to a festival recently, and the most extraordinary thing happened.

There I was, minding my own business, listening to a reggae band with ex-boy. The band finished and ex-boy wanted to go and congratulate the djembe player, which we did. He was about 40ish, hippie-ish and very smiley. As we turned to go, he gave each of us a great big bear hug..




Something happened in that bear hug...

All I felt when he hugged me was love. Huge, all encompassing, unconditional love. I couldn't let go. When I eventually did, thinking he must think I was a nutter.. I walked away and burst into a flood of tears.

I have never, ever, felt love like that... it was pure, it was huge, but most of all it was
unconditional. It felt like that no matter what I did, what I said, or who I was.. I was loved..

Was he God in dreadlocks?? .. an angel in human form? .. an ordinary but exceptionally loving person..?

I don't think it matters.

What matters is the experience, and me never forgetting it, taking it with me and gripping it tightly to never let it go...

Today's song: Joan Osbourne, 'One of Us'

23 August 2008

Let Go, Don't Be Mad

One of the greatest challenges brought by m.e. is:


There are so many things that just break your heart in two if you let them...

Things you can't do, people you can't see, aches in your heart you can't fulfill...

I have this one this weekend. Someone I haven't seem for 17 years is in the country for a brief moment. I'm supposed to be driving down tonight to see them..

But I can't.
m.e. has me in her tight grip.

I want to rage, I want to beat myself.

But I have to let go
and not be mad
stay sane
and be my own friend
hold myself
and wrap me up in the tighest of embrace

Love me
Hold me
Be me

Today's song: James Blunt, 'Wisemen'

What do you do when...

...you just lose interest in life..?

haven't wanted to write
haven't wanted to blog
haven't wanted to photograph
haven't wanted to participate

This month has been... awful

I have lost myself.

Today's song: Sia, 'Breathe Me'

21 August 2008


Thought I would know an enemy a mile off

Thought I'd know instantly who they were

Thought I would stand like a giant to fight against them

Didn't know the enemy could be close
much, much closer than that

a sheep in wolf's clothing
a twisted caretaker

Those that say they love you aren't always telling you the truth.

Today's song: Eels, 'I Need Some Sleep'

16 August 2008


One of my boys is in trouble:

Looks like cancer

Looks like an op on Monday

Looks like I gotta be a strong momma

Every finger and toe crossed
Every angel called upon

Here's hoping for my boy

Today's favourite song: Shakira, 'Antologia'

1 August 2008

Photo Friday: Beauty

I love this picture ... the child curiously peeking out into the world behind the safety of her mother... beautiful.

Today's favourite song: Kinnie Starr, 'Sun Again'