27 November 2008



Starting early October I got a flu like virus which got worse and worse and then got better and better... totalling seven weeks of hell illness.

I was starting to get back to a semblance of life when..

I got a chest infection

If only endurance were an Olympic sport.. I'd be gold all the way.

Today's favourite cheery song: Alphabeat, 'Boyfriend'

3 November 2008


...you think you are reaching the top of the mountain. An unexpected storm breaks. You find yourself tossed to the ground.

Back to the shadows. Back to the corner of the bed.

Are you dying inside?


Don't tell me to be positive. Walk a mile in my wounded moccasins then you maybe you can speak.

Leave me in the corner of my room. Leave me on the floor where I struggle to breathe.

No fight left. Weak at the seams. After five years, My. Heart. Just. Broke...

All I can do is keep breathing...

Ane Brun, 'True Colors'