8 September 2008

What Flower Did Next...

...The Artist's Way!

This is my third attempt at TAW.
(I am not alone, it takes most people a few attempts to really get going).

I'm doing it because I know that
in life at the moment, I am looking for something... and I know it's inside... and I know it's creative... but I don't know what it is... or where inside it is...

So I'm enlisting JC's help

I find the morning pages tough
(writing 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing first thing in the a.m.)
the artist's dates easier
(taking yourself off somewhere to do something creatively nurturing and fun)
the tasks hellish
(discovering and talking to your inner demons)

but this time. THIS TIME. I am determined to complete the course.

So far it has encouraged me to write on this blog, study photography and sign up for oil painting and photoshop classes..


imagine what I will do when I actually finish the course.. WOW!

Today's favourite song: Iglu and Hartly, 'In This City'


Disenchanted Melody said...

You write 6 pages? Gulp! When it said three, I took that literally and have only been writing 3 sides.

m said...

3 sides of a4 is fine and dandy... I've facilitated awgroups for 10 years now. If you get tired easily an ink cartridge pen £1 from Woolies will help as the pen will slow quicker over the page.

But don't worry about the mps I've found that the most amazing results come from students really throwing themselves into the artist dates. Learning to create your own pleasure is a real art .