19 April 2008


I was on a long drive home and was pretty tired. I just wanted to get there. Get into a scented bath and soak away the day. I wasn't taking much notice of the landscape around me, though it was beautiful.

Then the light changed.

As dusk approached, the landscape was transformed in a glorious orange glow. I stopped the car and watched. With my camera on the passenger seat I immediately started clicking and capturing what I saw.

The change of light lasted only a few moments.

I returned to my car and went home: so grateful to have witnessed this fleeting beauty; so grateful that my Pentax was by my side; so grateful to have been brought out of my rush to get home and given a chance to lose myself in the beauty of the moment.

Today's favourite song: The Script 'We Cry'


Shelli said...

I love that time of day when the world turns orange! Lucky you for having your camera with you!

tracey clark said...

Indeed. There is nothing more beautiful than the last light of day. WOnderful.

Kelly K. said...

Such glorious light!! Beautifully captured. Saw you on Shutter Sisters.