19 May 2008

Things I am Grateful For: Part 1

My car.

I had wanted a car so badly. A way to become that little bit more mobile in the darkness that was those first years of m.e. A way to give me back a little of my life and lessen a little of the isolation. With a meagre government income however I could no where near afford one, so I just imagined. But one day, it became real.

And it was thanks to my dear friend.

She had only known me for just over a year. We shared an instant connection but were still getting to know each other when she and her family decided to emigrate to Australia. She offered me her car and in doing so, demonstrated how she already trusted me. Implicitly:

she gave me the car
before I had paid for it,
the night
before she emigrated to Australia
trusted that I would make the monthly payments to her whilst we were half a world apart.

Not only this, she also asked for a price well below its market value. Just for me.

I was immeasurably grateful for her trust in me, and a little under a year later I completed my final payment.

She was (and still is) my angel.

Today's favourite song: Jason Mraz, 'The Remedy'


pen said...

and i am grateful for having a friend like {you} xx

scrapsy said...

Are you ready to get scrappin?