23 March 2008

I Just Don't Get It....or... Finally, She Joins Sunday Scribblings..

Here, at last, is my very first posting for Sunday Scribblings; a website I think is fabulous but that I haven't quite got round to joining yet. For those uninitiated, it is a website where a 'topic' is posted every week upon which to mull over and then produce a piece of writing.

For this week's choice - 'I just don't get it'- I chose a more frivolous interpretation....

I just don't get it..
..Why, oh why, oh why, (dear Lord ;-)) do I seem to incapable of looking after my CDs...?

This seemingly simple puzzle has confounded me for some time. I seem categorically unable to alphebetise, return to their plastic casings, or keep in one place any of my CDs, which although not strictly necessary in life, would make my listening pleasures that little bit easier to locate and play.

Is it because of a neglectful upbringing, where owned objects were not appreciated? Um, that would be a no. The cost and value of items in our household where regularly commented on and any spotted lackadaisacal attitude towards them was instantly reprimanded. My mother's voice commanding... "PUT IT BACK!!" also echoed endlessly through my childhood home whenever my many sisters and I had borrowed an item which she then discovered missing. So nor was the 'rightful place of things' neglected in my education.

Is it because I don't care? No. And I certainly like to think that I have the intelligence to know that a CD left out of its box will become scratched, lost and broken, often in that order... On scouring my small home for a missing CD, and upon finding it under my bed (or under my cat) I sigh heavily as I slowly make my way to the dustbin to dispose of it; quietly mourning the songs that I won't be listening too again in the near future..

Is it because I am so wealthy that I can afford to replace the CDs? That would be another no. CDs are currently an extra that cannot squeeze themselves into my meagre non-working-person budget. They firmly reside on the 'one day when I'm earning again' shopping list... along with most other luxury goods..

Is it because of a reluctance to bring an order to my life? Ah, I think I've hit on something here. There is something so 'settling' so 'succumbing' so well, 'boring' about an ordered CD collection. Somehow the state of my CDs is the mircrocosm of my life. Do I want my life alphebetised, clean and ordered? um... that would be a most definite, resounding, NO..

So actually, when all is said and done... I do get it... ;-)

Today's favourite song: Carlos Vives 'La Gota Fria'


Redness said...

Welcome ... great post, it's easy to get here and work it out isn't it? Enjoy ;)

GreenishLady said...

Welcome to Sunday Scribblings! I find I have so many more cases than CDs now. What I think happens is when I go to listen to a CD, my interest is in the music I'm going to listen to, not the CD I take out of the hi-fi, so it just gets tossed aside, as I go to insert the new CD. Maybe cassette tapes were before your time, but my house is still littered with empty cases that will never again meet the tape that belonged to them.

keith hillman said...

Welcome. Great first post. Now where did I put that CD?

tumblewords said...

Glad you got it! :) Nice post -

gautami tripathy said...

Welcome to SS! Keep posting!

watered down

Greyscale Territory said...

Love how you line up CD lifestyles with yours.

I am sure many of us relate to this!

In my case, I have fads! There are moments when the music matters and then there are those desperate moments when order matters!