5 March 2008



Perhaps, as a nervous, fledgling photographer, it wasn't the best idea to look at what can only be described as jaw-droppingly AMAZING photography:

Anna Kuperberg
Jesh de Rox
Denise Andrade

As I surfed the above pages; in amazed silence, I felt like dropping my camera. I felt like why on earth would I even try?! Some images brought tears to my eyes, and I just couldn't imagine that any of my photos would ever, ever do that... to anyone.. anywhere... I felt so out of place, so clumsy in comparison, and my thoughts wandered round and round as I looked at my camera... Why?!

As my thoughts reached a full circle, the question was answered. I was back at the Beginning. And I remembered why I had picked up the camera in the first place..

It isn't about being good or bad, and it certainly isn't about competition. The raison d'etre is simple.. it is my journey into my world with my camera and my abilities.

no more, no less.

So, camera in hand..here I am, and here is my journey..

Today's favourite song: Cinematic Orchestra 'Build a Home'


Jenny Rebecca said...

I think your pictures are amazing - very striking. I wonder what vantage point you had for that first one and where on earth all those swans and ducks can be!

Flower said...

Thank you for your comments! As a newbie to photography it's such a boost to get positive feedback on photos.

All the pictures were taken in Iceland. The vantage point for the first one was from a viewing platform on 'The Pearl' on Öskjuhlíd Hill, Reykjavik

The swans and ducks are on the 'Tjörnin Pond' in Reykjavic.

More info can be found here http://www.onthegotours.com/Iceland-top-spots

Shalet said...

It's all about the journey. Small is beautiful!