12 February 2008


I feel like I'm coming back to life.

Four years of illness and I feel like I'm slowly emerging from the chrysalis.

I know my future involves creativity but discovering in what form that might take has taken a while. The answer? Through the internet: blogs, photography, songs, words: from around the world. I'm still struggling to engage with the real word, my body isn't up to it, but... Emerging from the fog, I need to learn to write again, to see again, to feel and to experience again. I have seen beauty in this illness, now I will discover beauty in the (cyber)world around me.

So today I begin my blog. It revives me to feel a purpose in this world. Can my purpose be just thoughts on a page? Somewhere, somehow, they are important. So, I will be exploring (my) life through blogs, photography, songs and words. I'm looking forward to the ride. Come right along with me.

Flower xxx

Today's favourite song: The Oyster Band 'The Oxford Girl'

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