15 February 2008

Annie Leibovitz beware!

Today, I took some photos!

I have taken photos for as long as I can remember. I have always had a camera. But I have never *taken* photos.

I have begun my journey into photography!

I snapped 100 times. Most of the shots soon made their acquaintance with the 'delete' button but nevertheless, I am thrilled with my fledgling attempt. I used an old (bashed) compact Kodak digital camera and the quality is er... not what it could be ... (I have images of pros sniggering into their viewfinders). Soon however, I hope to be getting my sticky little hands on a digital SLR camera...

As the characters in the show I'm watching are wont to say - Yay!

The location

The Flora

The Fauna

Today's favourite (happy) song: Martha & The Muffins 'Echo Beach'

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Sabine said...

Hiya, Flower!

What a great blog--a great idea, and great execution. I always thought you were a strong writer, and now I get to see your skills as a photographer!

I just had to note how weird and wonderful it is for me that I checked out your blog, and under your "Inspiration" blogroll, I found the Wishcasting (www.wishcasting.blogspot.com) blog, run by my pal Jamie. It's a triangulation of friendships across the ocean! Cool!