15 February 2008


Three days ago, I was attacked.

Ok, not by a shark!

And not physically either. It was a verbal attack.

The words used against me were particularly vicious. None of them were (or are) true of me. It was a crash between anothers' opinions and beliefs and mine. I actually respect their beliefs. They, it became apparent, do not respect mine.

What matters now is not what happened, but rather, who I became in the time that followed. It was a crucial moment. I asked myself this crucial question:


Do I:

a) stay, acquiesce to their demands and deny mine.


b) recover, stand firm and choose me.

I chose me.

Today, I woke early, dressed, saw the blue of the sky, picked up my camera and walked.

I walked a long time. I took 100 photos. I breathed. I reminded myself of all the good in me and finally, I hugged a horse, and I went home.


Today's favourite song: Snow Patrol 'Set the fire to the third bar'.

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