19 March 2008


I am on vacation!!!

It was a huge challenge. I planned to go, wait for it, ON MY OWN!!!

This revelation received a number of different reactions... terror at the thought... a turning-sideways-head pity look of a 'don't worry you'll have a husband one day too' ... and (my personal favourite) 'wow that's fantastic, what an adventure!' (Thanks Pen!)

It's not the travelling on my own per se that is the point here (I am the girl that went alone to South America at the age of 19). But it's my first trip alone since becoming ill. It is the first time that I am well enough to do something like take a holiday by myself. And oh, what joy it brings me... I CAN do it! I AM doing it!!

So, I am travelling around the beautiful countryside taking photos, marvelling at the scenery, laughing with strangers, cuddling their dogs. I still have to take it easy.. one day on, one day off. But on the off days I curl up in the beautiful cottage, watch the deer out of the window, listen to the owls, read a book, tip tap my feet to music . I joyfully bask in my own peace and serenity...

I raise a glass of juice, here's to many, many more solo travels. Hurray for me!!

Today's favourite song: Marcio Faraco, 'Ciranda'

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Alexandra said...

Oh my GOD, did I say that???